Publiceer het Maar

Exhibition Design

June 2008 queen Beatrix opened the new graphic design museum in the city of Breda.

The Graphic Design Museum commissioned graphic design agency De Designpolitie to create an opening exhibition. In collaboration with them we have designed ‘PUBLICEER HET MAAR’, an activity room for kids from 7 to 11. Here they can explore, develop and learn about graphic design. A 22 meter wall is covered in magnetic paint where basic magnetic shapes could cling to. Illustrations and fonts in various colors triggered the kids to create their own designs on the wall or on the life-sized billboards.

images/06-fe-06fe70974191493c69788556cb551c52/004_gdm-breda.jpg images/41-2f-412f18e217febb2d9db12ae9a56bec48/006_gdm-breda.jpg images/12-f2-12f23811f069a023daa0dabfeb4658dc/010_gdm-breda.jpg images/3d-24-3d247a17520d91c991eb4f868c0cd3bf/011_gdm-breda.jpg images/98-dc-98dca1ca00da5e159ff45b735d87cfca/016_gdm-breda.jpg