Office interior design

For Gift’s new office interior the brief was to create a warm, stylish, comfortable and homey feel.

The openness of the space asked for an open plan to keep the beautiful light coming in from all sides. Trough dividing the space with an greenhouse kind of space we create a division in the three necessary spaces; private coaching, group-training and office space. The centre space is especially build with soundproof glass all around with integrated blinders for private sessions. The light situation in the space gave us the feel of being outside which we wanted to emphasize by creating an abstract colorful garden environment.

images/7f-11-7f118f4072948ccdb3410b6211ed4646/gift_003.jpg images/fc-12-fc12465705b4656bd4f57bdf6705403d/gift_004.jpg images/20-5b-205bed1d0fc90f08a5bf0080a69b4f78/gift_05.jpg images/71-54-71542c399f5bb4162b22be28e601d5dd/gift_08.jpg