The Buffet cabinet is inspired by the old fashioned typology of furniture in combination with a great love for the detailing found in classic cars.

The ‘off lines’, its curving, its rounding’s and window frames are brought back into the cabinet finished in a high gloss lacquer.

old memories

“With the Buffet Cabinet I feel I have found a way to bring back the old memories from my grandmothers kitchen table.

Let’s say old fashioned feelings and atmosphere interpreted in very new way.”

There a few more of those memories which I relate to specific pieces of furniture which I want to use to expand the series and make a family of it.

Material: high gloss lacquered wood & glass

Size: 130 x 55 x 230

images/a3-ce-a3ceec29eea25b9f0bf9662f4fdddba0/03_buffet-cabinet_laurens-van-wieringen.jpg images/58-70-5870ad1b0f7fcfe5df55fb969b981e30/04_buffet-cabinet_laurens-van-wieringen.jpg