Café - Bar interior and furniture Design

The main objective for bar Florian was to create a modern-Italian grandeur where quality drinks and finger-food are served. Bar Florian is located in an authentic Dutch 19th century building which has been fully restored in its original state for the occasion. The studio combined modern materials like polyurethane rubbers and laminated resin with European oak, granite stone and leather in a chic color palette. The balance resulted in a both classic and modern venue where its guests feel pleasant. The furniture and its size are proportioned and tailor made for the size of the venue. The bar panel and lights has a distinct orange glow. Colorful during the day when functioning as coffee bar and creating a night club feel in the evening.

images/63-44-63446c3151989e4dd567266415c1052b/barflorian_03.jpg images/a0-f1-a0f187ae3bd0df2b3e7118e8db2aeb40/barflorian_04.jpg images/f0-40-f040d9ffe32a2b2b8c2872198534ee91/barflorian_05.jpg images/75-bb-75bb527ad49bee47839023fc82a6a847/barflorian_08.jpg images/bc-3e-bc3ed02bdd041306e208b3a7ee12e33c/barflorian_09.jpg