LJ Series

Commisioned by De Vorm (Arnhem)

Winner of the Interior Innovation Award 2015 as BEST of BEST.

The seat of the LJ series is made out of recycled PET bottles, the design of the seat brings back many traditional production steps to one smart 3D pressing technique. PET Felt is recycled, recyclable and offers sound dampening properties and great comfort.

It is great working with Jeroen and discussing all the levels a good chair should fulfill, LJ is a perfect result of this intense collaboration. And more reason to drink more Cola ;-)

more info and sales please contact De Vorm:

images/bd-f1-bdf13342a12bfd876c00c21c724e0e75/lj-2-chair-03-iiaward_2.jpg images/69-ae-69ae93fae1df7e36bcfa137c499b0cd9/lj-2-chair-04-iiaward_1.jpg images/3c-15-3c157df2c94f48b5950bfd1129de591f/lj-3-chair-05.jpg images/09-79-097903a0674b130e4b85184407233a57/lj-3-chair-06.jpg