10 years of Via Milano

Exhibition design

Two weeks before the actual opening date we were asked to create the exhibition design for the 10 year anniversary of the Via Milano New Dutch Design Foundation in the impressive Old Church in the vibrant red light district in Amsterdam.

Yearly the foundation asks a jury to select products presented by Dutch designers at the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

These products are present for the Dutch audience at the Dutch fair De Woonbeurs.

For the anniversary Ingeborg de Roode from the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam was asked to make a selection from the last 10 years. Ingeborg created her selection in 12 theme’s such as design 7 industry, new generation & ornament.

To get the exhibition running in 2,5 weeks we create the both pragmatic and celebrative idea of huge white garlands from the 20 meter high ceiling which ended on the floor as catwalks for the products.

The Garlands where laser cut in a pattern referring to traditional garlands in the shape various archetypical furniture.


images/fc-8f-fc8f98459569e303a604c4a7aae9bfd7/2010-09-30_via-milano-003.jpg images/c3-ca-c3ca54938f19ff1c6afc96bd4c11e46e/2010-09-30_via-milano-004.jpg images/21-7f-217ffdfbef2ef8c73fae894ad27dc2bd/2010-09-30_via-milano-005.jpg