De Bourgondier

Snack manufacturer Van Geloven carries multiple snack brands of which Kroketterij De Bourgondier.
As part of the overall brand identity of the brand ‘Kroketterij The Bourgondier’ we have been asked to create a distinctive and detailed design for a food truck to give the brand ‘De Bourgondier’ its caracter on festivals and food-markets.
This project is realized with Kuipers &co. and with my compagnon Chris Dekker of Tin Can Customs.
Together with Chris we have and build the whole project From top to bottom, inside and out.
We have industrial steel window frames build installed on both sides for a completely open character and to be able 'join' the kitchen of ‘De Bourgondier’ on both sides.
The truck has a custom kitchen island made of stainless steel & marble erected where a gas or electric fryer can be linked.
A hand-made air-suction unit made of hot-rolled steel and powder coated in a transparant finish to preserve the character of the hot roller. The extraction system is concealed above the driver's cabin and is of such quality that the truck can also be used indoors.
We have sorted out all their necessities like clean&dirty watertanks, electricity from 24V upto 360V, waste tanks to easily empty the fryers and all made to fit this model truck.
Outside we’ve redone the sheet-metal work and front grill and paint job to give the truck a distinctive look.


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