traveling exhibition

The Pop Up Expo furniture originated from the traveling exhibition design commissioned by the Premsela Foundation for The Best of Dutch Book Design.My objective was to find the best transport solution possible which was a crate on standard size pallet of 120 x 80 x 160 high.

In the to fit as much as possible within this volume I came across a puzzle for kids in which the cut out silhouette of a shape should be put in the corresponding slot.

Combined with the ancient and simple wedge connection the only tool necessary to build the exhibition and furniture is a hammer.

Pretty fool proof I would say..

All furniture is cut out in the most efficient way from standard sheets of wood with a minimum of waste.

The original crate of 120x80x160 contains:

 6 tables, 12 trestles, 6 cabinets, 24 shelves, 6 stools, 6 storage crates, 2 posterboards, 2 book covers, 30 textboards and 40 books.