Laurens van Wieringen was born 04-07-1974 in Nijmegen; he grew up in Arnhem in the east of The Netherlands. After studying at The Arnhem Institute for the Arts, 3D-design, he continued his study in Product Design at the Royal College of Art, London for his master degree. 


creative - driven - energetic - committed - out of the box - responsible - crazy enough to turn things over & a great interest in the subject & involved people and i like building cars, bikes and mopeds :-). 


I started my studio in Amsterdam in 2002.  My main challenge is to turn things over and look at the world from a different angle by exploring shapes and materials and by using, inventing or twisting production methods. I try to offer a surrounding, atmosphere in which people can feel pleasant, have a laugh or are misguided for a moment, to trigger people to do what they feel like doing.  

The actual result is not my main goal but the pleasure and energy of the whole process of getting to know a client and thinking over the whole process of making. An intensive collaboration and exchange of knowledge between the producer and designer is a pleasure and a must. This team effort can make a product dynamic and a production process used optimum.
I feel itis my job to interfere, to join in on finding solutions and to comment. Uncomplicated, with a twist and sometimes with a bit cynicism. 


I’m at my best when I can actually design an entire setting. My interior design for Florian bar in Arnhem won the ‘hospitality & style award’ for best new bar design and this furniture design for the bar has been purchased by de Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (!) for their permanent collection.


 “What Design can Do is the competent rebel of design conferences! […] It’s idealistic to imagine that design is going to change the world, but WDCD showed that design is uniquely placed to both reveal and transform the world around us. I was inspired.” –Daisy Ginsberg (WDCD 2014 speaker)

 I ‘m very proud to be involved in What Design Can Do from the initiation at the kitchen table to the great conference is has become now. I really think it is important to have a conference where content and celebration goes together in energetic atmosphere with colleagues from all over the world.

My role in the editorial board and as stage-interior designer is extended since 2013 when Willem van der Sluis and I initiated the WDCD Film Festival. One week full of great, disturbing, dramatic and insightful documentaries on design, architecture, food, fashion prior to the conference.

Do you have tips? Please email me.


The Association of Dutch Designers (BNO) is the professional association for designers and design agencies in the Netherlands.

“We unite more than 2,500 individual designers and 150 design agencies and corporate design departments, making us the most important representative of the design sector in the Netherlands. We are committed to advancing the economic, social and cultural interests of our members and to promoting their work and the profession both domestically and internationally.”

 Somewhere since 2011 I’m part of the general board of the BNO because I think it is important to help young starting designers, entrepreneurs and creative thinkers as well as having a back up for all of us in this profession.


YoungWorks - Huub Nelis:

Laurens is an architect with great commitment to the process undertaken to unravel what suited best for our company. Next to the main objective he also incorporated the content and together with us we have determined what was needed. Laurens then surprised us with solutions that are not only practical, but also create a special atmosphere in all of the building. Its design is consistent with what we are: practical, warm &friendly but also a company with a story. From visitors we daily recieve compliments on our facility.

Gift - Ernst van Dijk:

Laurens created our ‘Gift office’ which we ‘inhabit’ the space with great pleasure. Our brief was very well executed and surprisingly well translated in three different concepts from which we choose. From thereon we were taken through the complete development process to the execution of the ideas.  Our office breathes the exact atmosphere we had in mind. Beautiful but not chic, accessible, fresh and cozy. With a simple but surprising gestures the rectangle space is elegantly divided.  All together it is an atmosphere which underlines the family business feel. This was exactly what we had in mind. Laurens and his team is very punctual, honest and reliable which also applies for Gerbrand, G-Fire interior and construction, who is responsible for the execution of the complete interior.  We were feeling confident having Laurens and Gerbrand working on our interior.

Bar Florian, Roderik Kuijpers:

To me Studio Laurens van Wieringen is a studio with vision, guts and emotion. Laurens has a great and honest personality which remarkably vibrates in his work.  In 2004 Studio Laurens van Wieringen created the interior design for my Bar Florian. In 2005 this resulted with the Award for Best Bar Design in Holland.  When a design agency is able to listen to its customers wishes and vision and is able to translate this into a dared interior design, with its own interpretations of ideas for the future, an great collaboration is born. Achieving the best result with limited or many resources is an art Studio Laurens van Wieringen well masters. Reasons moreover to collaborate again in the near future.


Overall Van Wieringen Ontwerp is always looking for talented, enthusiastic, curious and ambitious people, who can strengthen our team for a minimum period of 4 to 6 months.  We  are looking for interns with an independent, positive, solution-focused and hands-on attitude. You are highly motivated and you have great communication skills.
we also prefer when you have experience in relevant computer programs. Your tasks include design concepts, the development of concepts, model-making, research into materials and manufacturing techniques, concept boards, computer drawing and other daily activities.

What we have to offer you in exchange:
You will be a full member of our team and you will work closely involved on the projects in a cozy, energetic and dynamic atmosphere. 
A big learning curve in the daily practice. You will have the chance to participate in meetings and work on special projects. Future freelance work is subject to individual performance.
We cover lunch and a basic compensation. 


To Ernst, my brother and all the companies and interns involved in all the project and helped make it all possible to realize my crazy ideas :)

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